Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mug Love Exchange

I joined in on the mug love exchange that Stephanie hosted and I'm so glad I joined.  I was partnered with Adrienne from All Adrienne and it was so nice to connect with someone new. She blogs about her family, fitness and everyday life.

Adrienne did wonderful on my package and I was so excited when I received it.
my package had this adorable mug, a cute note pad and several tea's to try

how cute and perfect is this note pad!!

Adrienne is a hot tea drinker so she included some of her favorite teas'

I love my mug, the colors are all favorites and word to live by right!

even the detail in the bottom is adorable!

thank you so much Adrienne!

check out the hostess and the link-up to see all the other mug loves, and Stephanie also has a drawing for a Starbucks gift card, so be sure and join that too!!

Tuesday Talk

Fall is here! Texas doesn't seem to think so but it's officially FALL!! We do have some cooler weather moving in later this week. And I've been enjoying all the Pumpkin Goodness I can!
   This weather has me not feeling it but inside my house with the A/C low and my favorite Fall Candles burning....I'm going to fake it, till it's here!!

I always have help, when I do anything! these noisy little cats were all about the decorations....

I normally take down most of my everyday pictures/decorations and put up my seasonal.
this is in the Dinning room- our dinning room/living room/kitchen is all basically one room.

the shelve above my barn wood cabinet

Fall leaves and flowers mixed around

goodwill jack-o-lantern

my favorite seasonal cookbooks

 my 2 favorite fall mugs
above the frig.

on the stove/oven- always a seasonal candle burning

I'm not sure what to do with this thing yet....but I add some fall to it

living room

another shelve in the living room

living room (don't look at the dust) natural Halloween decor!! LOL

a vase by the door and gun case

a small cabinet in the living room---

dinning room table

I'm loving this arraignment but it needs pine cones- or pumpkins

another view of the cabinet in the dinning room-the scent burning has pumpkin marshmallow burning

these wooden pumpkin are my addition last year and they are so cute

I always have seasonal straws

we use a regular coffee-maker most days and just a orange mate and pumpkin dish beside it

I try and add a few things each year, and normally shop the end-of-season clearance for those items!
If you read this whole post thank you! Lots of pictures!


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Monday, September 25, 2017

Hello Monday

Linking up today with Johannah and Heather , I'm not sure where our weekend went, but it's Monday already and I need all the strong black coffee I can get!!

Friday night was homecoming at the kids school and we won!! GO Eagles! this is so great because our poor football team has sucked the last several years..............this year they are kickin-ass and taking names! We are 4 - 0 and district starts this week! So proud of all the high school boys!!
Camyn also had his first Middle School Dance......I didn't cry so I'm proud of me!! :)
sweet girl supporting her Eagles!

Camyn went in a group........so he could keep his options open for dancing.........that's what he told me anyway.......
Saturday was football practice, breakfast at home and a beautiful wedding that night!

yummy, low-carb pumpkin pancakes! Even the kids like them!
My forever wedding date! Love him most days!! LOL

Sunday we took my nieces first round of senior pictures! And celebrated her 18th birthday one more time. She is a lucky niece because one of her aunts can take pictures and this aunt was there for the laughs, and outfit advise and posing shots! we made a great team!

these 2 uncles will do anything for their nieces!
little back story.....Scott and Shane we're college roommates and team roping buddies....my sister married Shane's brother and had 2 girls.......so Shane and I share nieces.......Scott and I got married and so now college roommates/Friends share nieces! and are very protective! you don't mess with their girls! and Shane married Amanda and we've been friends ever since, we do all kinds of stuff together and love each other fiercely, our kids even call each other cousins!

my beautiful niece! I can't wait to see the edited photos!

Have a great week!

Sorry for the picture over load and if you follow me on IG scourson you've seen most of these!! :)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites

It's been a busy week! It was homecoming at the kids school and everyday was a new theme, and of course Emma wanted to do it all...Camyn did some of them! thank goodness for google and pinterest because this momma is not creative! Linking up today with Andrea and Erika and Narci

Before homecoming pictures, ladies it's the first day Autumn! I'm so excited...I just wish mother nature got the memo....it's still Hot in Texas but they are calling for a cold front next week,, like Wednesday so fingers cross!! I'm read for apples, pumpkin everything, beautiful leafs, cool nights, shorter days, bonfires, chili and stew and all things cozy!!
Image result for hello fall images

Now for all these homecoming pictures! Enjoy they where all favorites this week!! #sorrynotsorry

Monday- Mix-Match Day

Tuesday- Disney Day- JoJo ?? some new show on Disney? LOL
 Wednesday- Crazy hair
Emma did Lalaloopsy Hair and Camyn had blus streaks..

Thursday- Throwback
 Emma is a 80's rocker and Camyn threw it back to 1994 - the year Scott graduated! He found is letterman's jacket at his Nan's and just had to wear it! Scott was in High School wearing this jacket and Camyn is in 6th!! WTH!! LOL

Friday - School Spirit!!
Emma didn't want a mum, she said it only gets in her way and honestly that was fine with me because it normally comes home smashed in her backpack anyway! she was thrilled with a hairbow mum! and so was I!!
Camyn wore his garter from last year and that fake smile!! #reallykid

Such Cuties!! they both look so thrilled!! haha

So are mum's just a Texas thing or do other states do them too? I've heard it's just a Texas thing...but you can't believe everything you read on facebook!! LOL

have a great weekend!!

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