Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fall Bucket List

I'm so ready for FALL! Texas is still HOT and the humidity is awful!! the first few days...week even of September was wonderful and FALL like...but Texas was just teasing us!! since it didn't last!!
The kids and I sat down and made are Fall Bucket List the other day and I'm so ready!!
I plan on getting my fall decorations out this weekend, and I've had Fall candles burning for the last few weeks.

I wanted to put Apple picking on my list, but there is no Apple picking in Texas! or even close to us really.........I told Scott one year we are planning a trip so I can go apple picking!! LOL
But the kids did great and even though we sound a little red-neck or country with some of our list, it will all be so much fun and time spend have fun!!

Have a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tortellini Pasta salad

I love a good pasta salad! Hell I love pasta period!! and if you add the word salad to it does that make it healthy?  I made this little salad over the weekend and it's been my lunch this week.
I'm always looking for something easy to take in my lunch, and there isn't always leftovers so this worked out good.

Cheese Tortellini pasta salad
1- 9oz package fresh cheese tortellini
3 or 4- small sweet peppers
1-small can of sliced black olives or a handful of whole sliced
few pepperoni slices- cut into 4th's
Parmesan cheese
Olive garden dressing

Cook the pasta al'dente and drain set aside. While it's cooling chop your peppers, slice your pepperoni and drain your sliced black olives.
After the pasta is cooled combine all the stuff into a bowl and drizzle Olive Garden dressing on. add Parmesan cheese to your liking.
I don't add a lot of dressing, I just coat it well.

Quick and Easy! I have double this for a side or to take somewhere. it's lite and tasty!

I'm so glad they bottled Olive Garden dressing, I'm a ranch girl most of the time, but this runs a close second! :)


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Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Favorites

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The first full week of September is over, and this Texas weather has been wonderful, the first of the week was hot and humid but the last 3 days have been fall like, low 50's and high 80's. Emma actually wore leggings and long sleeves two days....she is cold natured tho, and she don't  get it from me!! LOL
Camyn  loves the cold and is ready for winter and flannel!!
we didn't do much this week, just work and school and getting into our new "normal" routine that comes with the school year.
here's a few favorite from this week.

these Bai, drinks are really good. They are low carb, low sugar and good! LOL
I've tried a few different ones and for $1.68 (that's cheaper then a bottle coke) they are good.

Camyn got in trouble when I asked him about homework, since i couldn't read his handwriting and neither could he! I handed him a Webster and made him look up all 21 of his vocabulary works and re-do the definitions....he wasn't happy with me and my "old school" punishment
I loved every minute of it!!

Wal-Mart made me do it....pumpkin spice cookies!! Emma and I loved them! the white fudge and pumpkin!!

I had my first PSL of the season, on was as good as ever!!

These 2 are always a favorite! or at least most days!! LOl Camyn is normally a happy child, not sure about these serious faces all the time in pictures these days!

These are the best salami I have found, they are thicker cut and only 1 gram carb per 6 slices and they are a get snack at work with cheese. I buy these at Braums for $2.49. I haven't found them at Wal-Mart or Brookshires.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

TBB Ask-Back to school Edition

1. Did you love school or hate it? -Love and hate are such strong words....I didn't love it but I didn't hate it. I liked it!
2. Start school before or after labor day? I think we always started before.
3. Wake up eager beaver or slow poke?  just barely there before the bell rang!

4. Favorite Breakfast? Elementary it was probably cereal but in high school I didn't eat breakfast.

5. Favorite Cereal? Golden Grahams or Frosted Flakes

6. School uniforms or no uniform- NO uniform

7. New outfit for first day or no? Always a new outfit for the first day, I do the same for my kids now.
8. Walk to school or ride the bus? I rode the bus in elementary, then my sister drove for a few years.

9. Backpack, tote or Messenger bag? always a backpack

10. Eat school lunch or pack a lunch? normally packed a lunch, but the school did have good chicken rings and square pizza! (dipped in ranch dressing)

11. Remember the little milk cartons? white or chocolate? Chocolate!!

12. Paper bag or lunch box? lunch box either Barbie or My little pony

13. Favorite thing to do at recess? Either the swings or the monkey bars
14. Favorite Back to school supply item? ALL OF THEM!! I still love the school supply aisle....

15. Chalkboard or dry erase board? the early years it was all chalkboards but later on it was dry erase boards.

16. Regular pencil or mechanical- regular and had to be sharp! I still like regular pencils

17. Homework as soon as you got home or after dinner? first thing when I got home.

18. Favorite after school snack? whatever my mom made!! LOL :)

19. Favorite after school show? Saved by the Bell

20. Favorite subject in school? history or AG

21. Least favorite school subject? English and spelling........

22. Name of your best friend in High School? Roxanne Pretty and we are still best friends just don't
see each other as much.

23. High school mascot type? Panthers- Red, White and Blue

24. SAT or ACT- i think i took both....but did better on the SAT

25. Favorite year in school? Senior year!! 1999- saved the best for last!

26. Class ring or no class ring? yes class ring, I still have it in my jewelry box

27. Attend or not attend class reunions? We have only had one a 10 year and I didn't make, the 15 year fell through so we didn't have it so maybe I'll make the 20th!

I'm nosey so I love these types of link-ups, thanks ladies of TBB it's always fun to join in!

Have a great Thursday!!

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Hello September
September I've missed you! I'm ready for fall and September means it's almost here!!

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Celebrating- Emma didn't cry any last week before school! She did really really good! I'm so thankful for that! Mornings are so hard when we have tears....

Watching- The Last Ship and Hallmark I love Hallmark movies...they are all basically the same but didn't theme and well I love them! I tend to DVR them so I can fast forward the commercials. and Last Ship is back on....I normally don't watch a lot of TV but this series has sucked me in! It's comes on TNT on Sunday nights
The Last Ship

Welcoming- All things FALL!! the temps are starting to drop...I've seen a few leaves on the ground and I'm ready to decorate for FALL! and I saw where Starbucks has the PSL back....but I haven't indulged yet!

Preparing- Meal plans and grocery list! I'm trying really hard to meal plan each week and actually go to the grocery store....I hate the grocery store!! but I've done good since school started back! and we haven't ate out near as much
I'm also preparing school my kids like to take their lunch most of the time..and Camyn is happy with a sandwich daily but Emma likes a variety, so it's been fun!

Photographing- not much, I really suck at taking pictures these days and I can't tell you the last time I had my good big camera out.....hell the battery is probably dead on it! I really should make a point at getting it back out but my cell phone is just easy and always with me! :)

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