Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday Favorites


I work with these crazy ladies and every year we dress up as a group....this year was Ghostbusters! They make life fun!! We've been friends for 10+ years! and we all work in different departments! work is more fun with them!

Starbucks is always a favorite!!

Halloween isn't a favorite, or it wasn't this year! it was nasty rainy and cold! I was the mom trying to bribe my kids with anything!! to not go! #yesthatmomnoshame but Emma wasn't having it! So we ventured out to the church for inside trunk or treat! and to grandparent house that was it! and what happened to the days of cute Emma.....she was a 50's Zombie! really!!

Dinner out Monday night! and Blue Moon was a favorite!! this week has been brutal! and it all started on Monday!! #readyfortheweekend

Scott and I met for a lunch date, Soul Man's BBQ just opened in town! and it's good that fried cabbage was the bomb!

this guy! although he don't love the game, Thursday night football is a favorite in our house!! one more game of the season! and last night was freezing!!
they lost but #62 is my most favorite win or loss!

Have a great and fabulous weekend!


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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Goodbye October- Recap

HELLO Friends!! How is October gone?!
I mean seriously?? why is it that the last three months of the year fly by? I know I'm not alone in this? November and December are not my favorite! I love the season, I mean fall is my most favorite! and turkey!! yes please!!  and I love the excitement of December and the reason for the season! But all the commitments and the "rush" of stuff! this year we are stepping back and staying "no" unless it's something we as a family want to do!
And I'm hosting Thanksgiving for Scott's family....OH MY!! pray for me!
but enough on me you'll hear more on that subject I'm sure!! LOL
But October- Recap
lots of starbucks....or really coffee in general!

fun nights with friends!

always waiting on a kid!

fall carnival fun!

Emma terrorizing the cats!

the twins terrorizing everything!

warm...comfort food!

happy mail love!

this big ass worm!!

terror of trails with the kids and friends!
Starbucks with friends!
lots of sass!


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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

TBB Ask-November

Happy Monday Friends! hope you had an awesome weekend!
Hello November!! what more can I say?

Who doesn't love a fun link-up and what better way to kick off November then with the TTB-ask giving thanks edition

1. Have you ever kept a gratitude journal? No

2. Hosting Thanksgiving at your house? Yes...first time ever! but Scott's family is small, so it should be easy...I'll invite my family but not sure yet who all will be there!! Pray for me!!

3. Favorite good from the Thanksgiving meal? Dressing!! my momma makes the best!!

4. What one thing in Nature are you most grateful for? Texas we need the rain! it was a hot dry summer and so far this fall is wet! and I'm so thankful...cows need hay and grass!!

5. Pumpkin Pie: Yes or No? YES, YES, YES

6. Traditional Cookbook: Yes or No? yes for the most part

7. Oven Baked or Deep Fried Turkey? Neither!! Smoked is my favorite!! Greenberg are the best!

8. Thanksgiving Leftovers? Yes for sure!! #loveleftovers

9. What is one household product you are most grateful for? Toilet paper!! 

10. Are you most grateful for home cooked meals or restaurant meals? Well if my momma or my grandmother is cooking...I say homemade all the way...otherwise I'll go with restaurant!!


Crack Chicken - Crockpot recipe

I love a good crockpot recipe! they are easy, it cooks all day, you don't have to do anything but add it all the crock and let it do it's thing!
I found myself at home on Friday with a sick kid.........little side not I desperately need to go to the grocery down to the last roll of toilet paper in each bath room desperately....I HATE WAL-MART....I'm just not a grocery shopper.....but with that said (I still haven't went) and this was on is Tuesday!! LOL
I searched the freezer and had what I needed to make this Crack Chicken!
it's the best, a work friend had brought it to a work lunch and I knew I'd have to make it also!

what you need:
2 Pounds chicken
1-package fiesta dry ranch
1-block cream cheese
few slices bacon
shredded cheese

I use crockpot liners because-duh! they are too easy! I'm all about easy!! LOL
add the chicken, cream cheese, fiesta ranch package, and I added a 1/2 water
turn your crockpot on high- and cook for 5 hours

after the 5 hours turn the crockpot to warm, and shred your chicken, I shred it inside the crock...all together, with 2 forks.
you'll want to be cooking your bacon, while you do this....I cook my bacon in the oven, on a foil lined cookie sheet...because Duh...easy clean up!

after the bacon is cooked, let it cool and crumble a few slices up....I think I used 6 slice you can use more or less...take a handful of shredded cheese...I used sharp....probably = a cup
stir together again, turn to low to melt all the good!

at this point you can eat it in a bowl all alone, or you can add it to a tortilla, or make sliders out of it! this is what we did, using Hawaiian rolls! (love those) my kids loved them! this will feed a crowd! or a family of 4 for a few days! I love leftovers!! LOL

Enjoy!! for my kitchen to yours!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Life Lately

Life Lately
It's been crazy since school started! Don't even ask me how we are 10 weeks into this school year!!
Emma is loving 3rd and is doing so good. Camyn isn't liking 7th grade and pushes us on homework and grades....he is passing but I'm not sure how!!
Our Thursday are filled with Football.....rain or shine! and lots of coffee!
we love our Eagle! Camyn isn't loving football, but he is good at it! I mean he's a 5'9- 220 pound 7th grader! that Center Line-don't stand a chance! :) he just isn't aggressive! he doesn't like to be mean and hit people, but he's a beast to block!
Camyn made the UIL One-Act play and  that takes up Most Friday's after school and Saturday mornings, he love's it! and Ya'll he is good at it!
Saturdays are filled with Volleyball for this little
I love to watch her play. and they are all fun to watch, since they are just learning! and we all get excited if they actually "volley" the ball!
Emma has been enjoying the rain! aka MUD...and we have too! the ponds are full and grass is growing, be hay is still limited and winter is coming! #farmlife

 The husband and I have been on several date nights the past few months! Thanks to grandparents! and fun events we've been invited! #dateyourspouse

We've got the best neighbors around! and we've all decided to start getting together at least once a month! for some adult fun!! We are all busy, we all have kids...3 of the boys in the same class so we drink to 7th grade drama, and we live less than a mile a part! so why not!! Ya'll these are great people and I'm so lucky to call them friends and neighbors!! #blesswiththebest

Met Duke! we rescued him and he fits right in!
he always smells like skunk!
The goats are still spoiled! and I threaten them daily on becoming taco's!! (Emma love them!)
Snowflake and not live in the house! but they like to run in when the garage door is open!!
 The cats are still spoiled and control us like we belong to them...or at least me! Even though they belong to the kids............

 We've been enjoying all thing Pumpkin too! it's not fall without all the Pumpkins!

Have a great Wednesday Friends!

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yes I overgram!! LOL

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Weekend Recap -October


This past weekend, Scott and I got away for a beautiful wedding in Oklahoma, I work with both the bride and the groom so several of us GSC people were there to help them Celebrate!
We left on Friday with some friends and head 5 hours north into Oklahoma!

We got there late Friday night but was up early the head to the Pioneer Woman Merc. in Pawhuska, it was just a 40 minute drive from Ponca City.
James was THRILLED to be at the Merc!! LOL

Scott was too!!
In all Honesty I wasn't as impressed with the Merc this time, we where there spring break and it was fun. maybe it was the excitement of the first time....but this time it wasn't that busy, the shelves where not full, and I just wasn't impressed.....there was no Fall stuff out, she did have a small section of Halloween stuff, and there was no Christmas stuff.....I was just disappointed. Now don't get me wrong I did make some's not like I left empty handed...LOL
We didn't eat there, there was a 2 hour wait and well.....see above picture James was thrilled!! LOL the P-Town Pizza also had a long wait, so we opted for Mexican Food and it did not disappoint!
The Ranch was open for tours, but I guess if you've been there done that, we didn't care to do it again.. Still a fun trip! and worth the drive to go back! Pawhuska is a fun town and we did visit some of the other shops so it was a fun afternoon! that night we headed to the wedding!
Wedding fun with some of my favorite people!!
The wedding was in a Barn, yes a Barn and it was beautiful!!
Big V Ranch was where it was held and absolutely  beautiful!
We headed home Sunday morning, picked up the kids that afternoon, and it was laundry and mom duties the rest of the night...#momlife

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