Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Bucket List - Tuesday talk

With Summer already in full swing, we decided to work on our Summer Bucket List.
We normally don't take big summer vacations because it's hard for Scott to get very far from home during the heat of summer....he's learning to let work go but it's still a work in progress!!
We do however take a few weekend trips and some fun day trips...we love a good road trip too! But there is just something about staying at home and relaxing with no agenda! :)

Camyn thought my list was lame....but Emma had fun helping me make it!!
what is it with 11.....everything is LAME or STUPID! I love my son but I'm not a big fan of him being 11!!

1. splash kingdom water park
2. Digging for Diamonds in Arkansas
3. Camping trip in a tent!! (I'm not sure about this one)
4. Sleep in the backyard in a tent
5. water balloon fight- mom and dad against Camyn and Emma
6. sleepover with friends
7. hiking
8. sidewalk chalk fun
9.flying a kite
10. Snow-cones at the park
11. homemade ice cream
12. fishing
13. go to the library-several times
14. dinner at the park
16.watergun fights
17.farmer market downtown
18. drive-in theater
19. veg out and watch movies all day inside
20.kids cook dinner - once a week
21. watch fireworks at the lake
22. play day with the cousins
23. spend the night with grandparents
24. go to beavers bend- ride the train
25. go pick blueberries

I love their list! or at least most of their list! I'm not sure about some of them...like camping...hummm they must have been talking to dad about that one!! LOL
and I love love that Emma wants to spend the night at grandparents house...cause this kid is a homebody...she don't like to spend the night away from home...so we'll see if this one gets marked off! Camyn will spend the night anytime with grandparents, and not even miss me.
It's HOT in Texas already so the ones with water are a yes for sure!

Here's a few summer pictures from past fun!

Have a great Tuesday!

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Hello Monday

Linking up today with Johannah and Heather for a weekend recap and welcoming in this rainy Monday!!
Hope you all had a great weekend and a very happy father's day to all the dads out there. Ours was low-key and relaxed!!

Saturday Scott and I had a day date in the BIG city. We couldn't decided what we wanted to do for our anniversary so we decided a day date would be fun. it's been forever since we went out with just us...
we started the day at Zoe's Kitchen in Plano- it was really good. I had the chicken kabobs with a Greek salad and slaw-so good!

We left lunch and went to the movies and it was really cool....our little movie theater just has normal seats!! this one reclined....I could have took a nap! HA we watched The Mummy and it was good.

 Next on the list was Trader Joe's...first timer and it was a cute little store, I bought a few low carb goodies and can't wait to try them! main reason to go was this Everything but the BAGEL sesame seasoning.....OMGoodness its so good!!
we went to Central Market, a Western Store, Hobby Lobby and had sushi too! it was a fun day but I'm realizing we are getting old when fun grocery stores excite me!! LOL

love this guy-14 years and counting!!

Sunday we woke up and Emma and I cooked Scott breakfast

Scott and the kids watched a movie and just relaxed after breakfast. I did a little canning with the garden stuff....Squash relish, banana pepper and Jalapeno jelly

After lunch of BLT's we went for a swim! Swimming with kids in not relaxing at all!! LOL we had few beers and got some sun!

 After swimming, we took a nap and then grilled steaks and had salads for dinner! with a glass of wine. Scott had a great day and it was a relaxing weekend!

Enjoy your Monday Friends!


Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Favorites


it's been a busy week around here, I was able to get the kids well visits, teeth cleaning and Camyn's orthodontist appts all together. So only 1 day off work and left early one day!! #workingmomwin
other then well visits and dentist visits it was a pretty easy and simple week!

We have a few random Sunflowers growing in the garden and they are just beautiful with all the rain we've had in Texas so far in June.

Scott and I celebrated 14 years of marriage on Tuesday, we spent the day with the kids at dentist appointments! LOL No seriously we are going out this weekend!

Healthy happy kids! they are good for another year! :) not sure how they are 11 and 7 now but they are! #babiesdontkeep
Camyn is 65 1/2  inches tall!! that kid is going to out grow me soon!!

Doesn't he look thrilled! Camyn is old enough to pump my gas! I hate pumping gas....like hate it with a passion! I've been known to take Scott's truck just so I won't have to stop and get gas!! HATE IT!!
So this should have been my #1 favorite this week!!  

We decided to go back to a regular coffee maker this week....I have a love hate relationship with my beloved Keurig lately....it stopped working, so we Scott cleaned it really good....coffee tasted like shit....Scott clean it again...coffee tasted like shit still....so we messed it some more and back and forth...well then the thingy that makes several cups started messing up and the reusable k-cup started messing up.....so we went back to a normal 12 cup coffee pot.....I fell so old school but let me tell you!! my coffee is good again!! LOL
I keeping my Keurig for now, for hot chocolate and flavor coffee, it seems to work fine for one cup delights!

We went out last night and celebrated Camyn!! He passed all his STARR Test and got mastery on Science!! So he chose Chili's and Starbucks!! #yesmom
we are so proud and happy for him! Watch out Middle school this kid is ready....this momma not so much! Middle school scares the hell out of me! :(

Have a great weekend ladies!!

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Philly Cheese-Steak

Easy one pan meals are my goal! I love to cook but hate to be in the kitchen all the time so I like easy, fast, filling and 1 pot meals the best!
This one is so easy and fast!

here is what you'll need:

3-bell peppers
1-medium onion
1-package (12 slices) provolone cheese
1 pound good deli roast beef- sliced thin
1-package mushrooms
1-package sub rolls
2 tablespoons- Worcestershire sauce

Start by slicing the onion and bell peppers, and chop the mushrooms
melt some butter over med/high heat and add the vegetables
after they have cooked a few minutes add the Worcestershire sauce. let this cook.

After the bell pepper/onion and mushrooms are cooked to your liking, add the chopped up roast beef cook till heated and mixed together good.

Now build the sandwiches, take you roll and add meat mixture, the place 2 slices of cheese over the mixture. put in the oven under the broiler for a few minutes till cheese is melted and bread a little toasty.

Serve with whatever you liked. we had Cole Slaw and Broccoli tots dipped in ranch!
I finished off a loaf of French bread with some of my sandwiches this night and it was just as good!  

I enjoyed mine with a cold beer!! These are so easy and easy clean up too! Camyn went back for seconds and ate the broccoli tots! #momwin

Hope you enjoy!


Monday, June 12, 2017

Hello Monday

Linking up today with Johannah and Heather for a weekend recap and welcoming in the Monday!

My weekend was nothing to brag about....so don't be jealous! LOL
Everyone is sick in my house....the kids I are feeling better but Scott started feeling bad on Saturday and well he's the worst when sick!
Not very many pictures where taken this weekend either....lots of rest, movies, leftover for meals....I know #momlife and when mom is down life isn't fun!!

A friend of mine sells Young living essential oils, well I bought a set awhile back so I diffused a blend that is supposed to help with sickness! I did this all weekend and most of last week.
we've also been rubbing the oils on a our feet and chest.

I did walk out to the garden on Saturday afternoon the sun felt good and not to hot. Emma has some random sunflowers growing

 We did do a little grilling Saturday afternoon-Scott wasn't feeling horrible until Sunday Bacon wrapped chicken and squash all on the grill ...(the 2 hot dogs where for the outside dogs)
 and homemade squash fritter...so good and messy!

that's it! not to exciting but looking forward to a fun week and getting everyone well!!

have a great Monday!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Royal Waiting - link-up

Linking up today with some fun Texas ladies for Royal Waiting. check-out the links below and join in on the fun! Shelly , Holly and Katy

Royally Waiting... a weekly peek into your week link-up

Waiting on: Nothing really, School is out for SUMMER!! and the kids have no schedule so that means this momma has no extra stuff added to my daily routine.

Think About: Something fun for Scott and I do on out weekend get away and fun date night ideas. We're going somewhere in the next few weekends but I'm last minute and can't decide what I want to do. Something within driving distance and something we haven't done.... Scott's just like whatever you want.....seriously!! LOL

Reading: Lots of recipes and such. I've been doing low Carb-High fat for awhile and truly it's pretty easy if you stick to it and meal plan...well I suck at grocery shopping and meal planning these days. But I'm trying to get better and it really is a life style change not a diet!

Planning: See above....LOL trying to get better at meal planning for the most part!
We really don't take a big summer vacation but I have been looking into some fun stuff for us to do on the weekends. small road trips and short getaways are more our style this time of year.

Listening to: When I'm home the kids arguing....lol It's summer time and they are siblings! HAHA NO really they have been getting along really good. We've had a water slide in our backyard since Sunday and it's been full of fun and lots of laughs

Cooking/Eating: lots of stuff on the grill and low carb-high fat. I cooked these yummy Philly cheese steak Monday night, I'll share the recipe later!! so good and quick!

Celebrating: Emma turning 7 on Sunday!! So much fun and it's been party everyday at my house eating leftover cake!!


Feeling: A little under the weather, Camyn and I have been fighting sore Throat since Sunday and it's not bad but it's not great! I've been using Thieves from Young Living Essential Oils in my diffuser and rubbing it on our throats. I've been drinking some too....it's different but it's helping

Loving: Summer so far! No schedule is so nice, after how busy and wild spring was! and the Texas weather has been really nice too! it's hasn't been tooooo hot yet and we've had rain!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

3 things- June

I'm loving that summer is here, Scott and I still have to work but the kids have no routine and our schedule is mostly free!
I thought I'd share 3 things about each of us that is currently going on.


1. Camyn is 11 now and let me tell you I don't like 11.......he knows everything! and that eye rolling...oh-my-goodness! He asked if we could redo his room this summer, so we are pinning/planning a few things and going to make it more a tween room for him.

2. Camyn passed all his Starr Test requirements and he is ready for 6th grade! (momma isn't, middle school scares me) I don't like standardized test but Camyn rocked it and I'm so proud of him! We went out and celebrated with Burgers and fries at Burgerland on the Square in our town.

3. This kid does not eat vegetables! Like at all....maybe lettuce sometimes! HA! he is actually trying new things this summer. I made broccoli tots last night and he ate them dipped in ranch! #momwin


1. This little mess turned 7 on Sunday! We celebrated BIG and she said it was the best party ever!

2. Emma finished up 1st grade and is ready for 2nd. She did so good in 1st grade, Kindergarten was a challenge for Emma. and I was really concerned going into 1st but she blossomed and improved by leaps and bounds...this kid rocked 1st grade and she is looking forward to 2nd!

3. Emma would rather eat a salad then meat most day but since we have beef in the freezer this kid better learn to like it! lol  she always finish her salad/vegetable first! and then will take a few bites of whatever meat we have. She loves helping her daddy in the garden and even talked him into making her a small one. she planted  orange cheery tomatoes, bell pepper plant, a squash plant and she had radishes but we've already pick those.

Scott and Susan

1. We will be married for 13 years, next week on June 13th!

2. Scott loves his garden, I on the other hand do not! I will cook the vegetables and eat the vegetables but I could care less to work in his garden! Scott grows weeds about as good as he grows produce and I can't stand to walk in the weeds.(i like to see my feet).......I'll normally sit in a chair and drink some wine or a beer and watch him work in his garden...it works better for us! cause I'm just going to bitch about the weeds if he make me hoe it! LOL

3. We haven't been out in months alone, so we are going to try and get away for our anniversary for a few days or at least a night and then after that we decided that we'll start going on a weekly date, even if it's just to check the cows or check the water towers we're going to make a point for more "us" time because I'll be honest our kids rule us! LOL

have a great Tuesday!


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