Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Favorites - Week 3

I'm not sure I'm ready for this week to end! we have such a busy Saturday, I think I'd rather be at work! Who says that?? LOL

Reba McEntire- God and My Girlfriend's
I'm in love with this song! we all have girlfriends and I'm lucky to have girlfriends from all stages of my life, we don't talk daily or weekly even but we are their for each other and they are just a phone call away day or night!

I'm listing the show pigs as a favorite this week, because well they are growing on me!! I'm not sure we will make weight for the show, but they will be good bacon if we don't! LOL

Since school started back, I've been making Emma's lunch the night before and using these containers from Amazon Basic Containers that Johannah recommended and they are awesome! this saves so much time in the mornings. Emma also told me my lunch making skills needed help so I've tried to up my game since school started back!
Camyn just takes a boring old sandwich in a Ziploc bag....he's too cool for my containers!

I love candles, there is always at least one burning in my house when we are home, normally 2 or 3 they are just cozy! But I love this new to me scent from Circle E Candles  they have been a favorite for a long time, but this scent is wonderful! Sugar and Suede I asked Scott for a Big one for my birthday! they burn even and smell so good!

I've been using my Young living Diffuser all the time lately, the Flu is awful right now and there is so much going around! we are trying the stay well and these oils are on repeat all the time....I'll sometimes replace the peppermint with purification but so far...fingers crossed we have been well! I just hope it stays that way...Emma and I have been dealing with some sinus stuff but that is normal and over the counter works for that!

Dinner out with these girls is always a favorite! We decided to try and do this once a month this year, hopefully we can! they are good for the soul! We  picked Mexican food and Margaritas on this cold Thursday night!! :)

Have a great weekend! and follow me on IG

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

3 things Thursday- January

Since it January and I haven't done a 3 things post in awhile, I thought I'd share 3 things about each of us, so you can look into what is going on now, and I can look back and see what we were up to and how the kids have changed, each month (maybe) LOL babies don't keep and although  I love to watch my kids grow and change I don't like at all!!

Camyn - 12
1. his phone is always attached to his hand...and ear buds in his ears. he laughs all the time at video's and other stuff he watches....the phone is monitored but and it's nothing but stupid stuff he thinks is so funny! listening to him giggle  is always a wonderfully sounds, even if I don't understand the stuff he finds humor in! HA

2.  he loves his hair! all the boys in his grade have the same cut, and it drives me crazy, he uses more hair products then I do! and when it's not fixed it hangs in his face, and I threaten to cut it all the time.
It will be interesting to see how basketball goes with his hair style....

3. He has matured so much over the last few months! he is taking responsibility for his show pigs, his grade are good (always room for improvement) but he is keeping them in the A/B honor roll. he loves to read, and if he don't have his phone in his hand, it's a book. we have let his start staying at the house some in the afternoons after soon alone, and he does a few chores and gets his homework done without me asking.
Emma- 7
1. this sweet child of mine! she is a bundle of energy and keeps me and her daddy on go all the time! she loves to be outside and don't care what the temperature is, she wants to be outside and helping with the animals and play. she has claimed the show pigs....and that is always a fight with her brother...LOL they pick at each other non-stop!

2. She will not stop sleeping with us! we put her to bed in her bed...and she will end up in our room 6 out of 7 nights! and she will wedge her way into the middle no matter what! LOL
it really don't bother us, but she will wake me up to get in bed!
3. Emma is excelling at school, she struggles with her speech and kindergarten and 1st grade was a challenge for her, but second grade she has done wonderful! she is A honor roll and her spelling and reading this year amazes me! she loves her teacher and loves going to school this year!

Scott and Susan
1. Scott works so hard, in this nasty weather, he is a water manager and these freezing temperatures are madness for water lines/and system. he does all the feeding and watering in the early mornings before work and school and doesn't ask for my help unless their is a problem. I'm only suck doing it, if he gets called out in the early am. and yes I bitch the whole time!! LOL #truth

2. Turned 41 in December and he will tell you all the time he feels 41! LOL we didn't do anything to celebrate his birthday but cook at home and cobbler/ice cream it was what he wanted and I obliged him. it's the one day  of the year I let him pick what we do. He loves me!! LOL  

3. I don't like winter at all! I live in Texas because I don't like cold!! if you follow me on IG you've been watching be bitch, whine and complain for a week now over this weather. #sorrynotsorry
but other then that all is good in my world!! LOL I'm still eating low carb and doing semi-good I refuse to get on the scales because they just piss me off! so I'll weigh the first of February to see how I did. Scott is on board too, but not sure how he eats during the day! HA


have a great Thursday!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Year, New Me

I'm not a resolution person...I'm just not. I like monthly goals but not resolutions...but one thing I am doing this year is self-care. I like most busy mom's get so wrapped up in taking care of my kids and husband and life in general that my needs are on the back to speak! I'm a doer and a goer. I do it all for my kids and family...Scott tries to help but I do 98% of it all.
my kids and husband are spoiled but I enjoy it, well this year I'm going to practice self-care and me time!
A few things I'm doing this year are: some of these started end of last year but I'm going to continue them.

Juice Plus- I'm taking the vitamins and Emma/Camyn are doing these also. This is Whole food nutrition and it's like a multi vitamin.  We eat fruits and veggies at my house but I know we are getting what we need in these.
Orchard, Garden, and Vineyard Blend Capsules

I'm also drinking Apple Cider Vinegar...this takes some getting use too...I add it to a bottle of water and it's not so bad.
Check out all the health benefits! it needs to be the apple cider vinegar with Mothers.
I've been doing this awhile, but I oil pull with Coconut oil
It's whiteness your teeth naturally and helps with over all oral health...I'm scared of the dentist so this is preventive for me! :) I do this in the mornings, before everyone in the house is up. check out some of the benefits here
Drink my water! I drink water all day at work, but once i get home and weekends I don't drink much of anything! so this has been a challenge in the evenings and weekend. I'm loving the stainless steel bottles and it makes me get up more at work to fill up it.

Just chill, I'm not a TV watcher and I love to read so I'm taking time at night to actually read, instead of doing laundry or mom chores after kids go to bed, I'm taking me time! I'd like to start this in the mornings before the house wakes up but I do enjoy sleeping till I just have to get up! I'd love some book recommendations please, send them my way!

Get moving, Spring and Fall we get a lot of activity in but summer is hot and well winter is sometimes cold and the days are so short. So I've been walking at work during the day and trying to do a few things at home.

I'm also meal planning still and grocery shopping weekly,/meal prepping this has become a good habit and makes the week nights so much easier!

What are few things you do to stay health and happy for your family?

have a great Wednesday!

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Hello Monday

it's a fresh week, I've always looked at Monday as a fresh start...there is no reason to dwell on all the stuff you didn't get done over the weekend, or that you ate all the sweets and didn't get your steps in. It's Monday! and although it's not my most favorite day of the week, it's still a fresh start to make things happen! and Start fresh!! Right?
I'm really jealous of my kids today, they have no school and I had to work!
Our weekend was pretty low-key and nice! it was a beautiful weekend even though it was cold, the sunshine was much needed!!
Now we are under a winter storm watch!!Ice and Snow.......REALLY MOTHER NATURE!!
and when we get ice and snow in Texas everything shuts down!! or most everything! LOL

Friday night, Camyn and Scott went to Basketball practice, so Emma and I played games and watched TV. she picked domino's and yes she beat me! LOL she's a shark at games

Saturday morning started out lazy, I enjoyed coffee and uninterrupted TV while the kids slept in and Scott was on call so he went out and checked a few things...water's got flow right! :)

Emma had basketball practice, then we ran to town for diesel, horse feed and Burger King....Emma wanted nuggets, fries, and a whopper....she took one bite of the whopper and her daddy ate it! i shared her fries!! she was hungry she claimed!! LOL Camyn finished her nuggets she didn't eat!!

We went home and worked the show pigs......they found the outside dog water!! LOL

and Emma shenanigan's it's never boring!!

Sunday we made church!! Emma and I ran to a baby shower, then home for more sunshine and show pig working!! I had Starbucks this time!! :)

I chilled by the fire before going in!
it was a great weekend! Hope you had a good one too!!


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Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Favorites - week 2

This has been the longest week, I feeling like I haven't gotten anything done that needed to be done! and my desk is a mess...but I'm looking forward to the weekend! it's the last free weekend before  little dribblers basketball starts and with 2 kid playing we're going to be busy!


 Hurt's donuts from Frisco, came to our small town to help a local organization by donating 10% of the sales to them...Hopkins County animal shelter.
Well I was volunteered to go stand in line and get donuts! not a problem for me, it was nice outside! :)
I mean look at the selection....but honestly they we good. but I like a plain glazed donut! :)
Chuck Norris! a favorite for sure! Stopped by working to promote his C-force water to our purchasing department. Loved Walker Texas Ranger!!
Donuts and Chuck Norris all in one day! it was a great Thursday!! :)

 back to school from Christmas Holiday and all smiles! that always makes this momma happy!


still all smiles, the second day back!! I'm happy to report, we've been to bed on time and up on time all week! and I've been on time to work! #momwin
I look tired but still! that's normal right?
I've been attempting low-carb and this has been my go-to breakfast...boiled egg/and avocado on a low-carb tortilla!

I ordered a Dash egg cooker from Amazon and I love it!
it cooks 6 eggs hard boiled in i think 8 minutes, and they peel so easy!
best $15 I've spent in awhile!

have a great weekend ladies!!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

10 on the 10th link-up Randon Facts about me

I'm joining Erin from Perfectly Port Family for her 10 on the 10th link-up grab her graphic and join in on the fun! and induce yourself!!

1. I've always wanted to live in town so I could call and have pizza delivered! Weird I know! I've always lived in the country, we are talking 15/20 minutes from town---take out is unheard of and if you go pick-up Pizza its cold by the time you get home....

2. I had a hip replacement at 23, it's 14 years old this summer. they told me 10 years max!! I'll be 37 this month!! :)

3. I completely in love with all the cactus stuff! I love it!! and buy it all the time! I think I need a intervention??

4. I hate my cell phone, I never know where it's at and it's normally on silent so I can't find it when I need it

5. My kids rodeo and my husband used too haul PRCA.......I could careless about riding a horse! I don't care for them, Like them yes but I can't stand rodeos but I'm their #1 fan and supporter
(my dad thinks this is funny too)

6. Scott and I have been married for 15 years in June, we  lived together a year before we got married, because we are total opposites! he drives me crazy!! but I love him!! we got married in Vegas on Friday the 13th

7. I always make my bed. take out the trash and clean the house before we leave to go overnight anywhere, it drives Scott batty, but I can't help it. it has to be done and everything neat and tidy...what if something happens while we are gone and someone needs to go to my house?

8. I have no idea how to blog or what I'm doing....I'm winging it!

9. I'm a list and planner girl! I have to write it all down and I love marking stuff off my to do list!
See the source image
10. I never go to bed with a messy kitchen, it has to be spotless and all the dish in the dishwasher before I can go to bed, if there are dishes in the sink I can't sleep......