Monday, June 19, 2017

Hello Monday

Linking up today with Johannah and Heather for a weekend recap and welcoming in this rainy Monday!!
Hope you all had a great weekend and a very happy father's day to all the dads out there. Ours was low-key and relaxed!!

Saturday Scott and I had a day date in the BIG city. We couldn't decided what we wanted to do for our anniversary so we decided a day date would be fun. it's been forever since we went out with just us...
we started the day at Zoe's Kitchen in Plano- it was really good. I had the chicken kabobs with a Greek salad and slaw-so good!

We left lunch and went to the movies and it was really cool....our little movie theater just has normal seats!! this one reclined....I could have took a nap! HA we watched The Mummy and it was good.

 Next on the list was Trader Joe's...first timer and it was a cute little store, I bought a few low carb goodies and can't wait to try them! main reason to go was this Everything but the BAGEL sesame seasoning.....OMGoodness its so good!!
we went to Central Market, a Western Store, Hobby Lobby and had sushi too! it was a fun day but I'm realizing we are getting old when fun grocery stores excite me!! LOL

love this guy-14 years and counting!!

Sunday we woke up and Emma and I cooked Scott breakfast

Scott and the kids watched a movie and just relaxed after breakfast. I did a little canning with the garden stuff....Squash relish, banana pepper and Jalapeno jelly

After lunch of BLT's we went for a swim! Swimming with kids in not relaxing at all!! LOL we had few beers and got some sun!

 After swimming, we took a nap and then grilled steaks and had salads for dinner! with a glass of wine. Scott had a great day and it was a relaxing weekend!

Enjoy your Monday Friends!



  1. What a fun day date! Those are the best. Looks like a great weekend!