Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Workin It Wednesday-Back to School

Workin' It Wednesdays

Linking up today with the Shay and, Erika for how we back to school!
we don't do anything real special but it fun for the kids and it's the little things that they enjoy!
we have a few traditions that I do every year, and Camyn thinks they are lame but plays long because he knows he has not choice and his little sister enjoys them still! #bigbrotherproblems #elevenishard

We start in just a little over 2 weeks. So the first week of August we started bedtime, trying to get back in this routine is so hard for us! The kids like to stay up late during the summer and they don't have to get up and ready in the mornings because my MIL keeps them so they just roll out of bed and get dropped off!
Emma is normally in bed between 8:00-8:30 and I gave Camyn a extra 30 minutes this year with a 9:30 bed time. Emma doesn't like to go to bed early but this sweet girl is not a morning person! she needs her sleep! Camyn does really good getting up and always has!
We have bought all their school supplies- we went one night after work and they always get to pick them out. Backpacks and lunch boxes have been bought and are ready to go.
Didn't Emma's turn out Cute!

The weekend before we get to met the teachers and pick-up schedules the school host this on a Saturday, so it's always fun to drop off school supplies and see their friends! We get the menu planned for the week. the kids get to pick out what they want for breakfast and dinner the first day.
I cook breakfast during the school year because it's cheaper then letting my kids eat at school. they normal take their lunch but there is some things they like to eat from the lunchroom.
I decorate the table really cute for breakfast.....

We take a first day picture, these are from a few years back....because I can't find last years! Scott and I both drop the kids off, we will walk in with Emma but Camyn is too cool!  
pre-k and 3rd

4th and Kindergarden

1st grade and 5th

After dinner, I like to have a special treat, and we can finish talking about their day and get ready for bed.

Camyn loves school always has, But Emma would rather not have to go! She does good but really don't like! she isn't excited about going back and last year she cried almost everyday when I dropped her off! that is hard on this momma!
We are hoping for a better year this year!!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

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  1. How cute are your kiddos?!?! What great traditions too. I like that you let them pick out breakfast and dinner on the first day. My kids like hot lunches sometimes too. I let them pick out four or five days a month to eat hot lunch. I love that Camyn just rolls with the traditions :)