Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Favorites - week 2

This has been the longest week, I feeling like I haven't gotten anything done that needed to be done! and my desk is a mess...but I'm looking forward to the weekend! it's the last free weekend before  little dribblers basketball starts and with 2 kid playing we're going to be busy!


 Hurt's donuts from Frisco, came to our small town to help a local organization by donating 10% of the sales to them...Hopkins County animal shelter.
Well I was volunteered to go stand in line and get donuts! not a problem for me, it was nice outside! :)
I mean look at the selection....but honestly they we good. but I like a plain glazed donut! :)
Chuck Norris! a favorite for sure! Stopped by working to promote his C-force water to our purchasing department. Loved Walker Texas Ranger!!
Donuts and Chuck Norris all in one day! it was a great Thursday!! :)

 back to school from Christmas Holiday and all smiles! that always makes this momma happy!


still all smiles, the second day back!! I'm happy to report, we've been to bed on time and up on time all week! and I've been on time to work! #momwin
I look tired but still! that's normal right?
I've been attempting low-carb and this has been my go-to breakfast...boiled egg/and avocado on a low-carb tortilla!

I ordered a Dash egg cooker from Amazon and I love it!
it cooks 6 eggs hard boiled in i think 8 minutes, and they peel so easy!
best $15 I've spent in awhile!

have a great weekend ladies!!

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  1. Chuck Norris lives about 20 miles from us...and once I was in Blockbuster video (I know so long ago) and he was literally standing in front of me and I couldn't believe how short he was!! We ate Hurts in Missouri...yum!

    1. that's cool! he is short, I was surprised! that's funny, the receptionist did a double take when he introduced himself to was funny! you just don't expect it!